Information Management Solutions

We help in collating & managing information about the prospect.


Just knowing who your prospect or customer is not enough in today’s world. The more information we know about them and their business needs, the better it helps in order to serve them in a customized manner.

Acquist’s information management solutions help in collating & managing information about the prospect which is in depth in nature, non standard & highly specific in nature. This helps the client in specific targeting and makes the chances of success higher.

Various modes such as online & media updates, tele profiling, feet on street etc are used for information collection, as stand alone or in conjunction with each other.

This information can be collected on a pre qualified lead set generated from the Acquist database, on a cleaned and refreshed database provided by the client or a combination of both databases.

Database Buyout

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This solution category is the purchase of database contacts or companies (multiple contacts) on an As – Is basis. This solution is generally recommended when the data is to be used multiple times in a short period of time.

In case the time period between usage is greater than 6 months, depending on data category, data decay level increases.

It is always suggested to combine the data purchase with a basic refresh round to ensure maximum accuracy.

The common fields supplied during a basic data buyout (contact level) : Company Name, Company Address, Board Line, Fax, Contact Name, Contact Designation, Direct Number (where available), Mobile Number (where available), Email Id (where available)

Database Refresh

This activity can be done on pre-selected Acquist database or the client database or both.

Information by nature is extremely dynamic. Many a time clients collect contacts/databases, however due to lack of time, it languishes in a system/multiple systems. Over a period of time that data loses its relevance.

With the Acquist database refresh activity, the latest data points, pertaining to your business interests are provided by to you.

Telephonic based profiling, media research and various other methods are used to immediately update desired profile of contacts.

This activity is recommended before the client embarks on a serious engagement program with prospects over a long period of time.

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Data Build

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Data build is a solution used by B2B (IT, Telephony etc) and B2C/ HNI (Real Estate, Luxury products etc) clients.

It is a solution that can be provided on contact or company level for building very specific information needed. E.g: Servers used, anti virus used for an IT client, cars being used (Corporate car policy for automobile players).

A project under this category is generally a longer time period project as building a trust level with right person contact in prospect company is necessary.

A feet on street methodology to enhance/verify the information can also be used in some cases.

Information collected is generally used by client by arranging prospects in size buckets depending on potential post deep profile exercise.

Advanced Profiling & Sales Intelligence

ims solutions in india

Advanced profiling and sales intelligence is used in the scenarios where clients want information highly specific in terms of making the sale.

Depending on product it could range from current brand/competitor that the prospect uses in terms of service solution or other specific information.

This solution generally involves a compulsory feet on street mechanism built into the solution model proposed.

Data Enrichment & Validation

Solution generally implemented on existing client database. It is used to enrich or validate existing data.

The client database is first cleansed to ensure standardization in data entries and then various techniques are applied to complete/validate information and return the enriched database to the client.

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Database Management

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Acquist offers as part of its database related offerings, database management solutions.

The first step of this activity is generally database validation/enrichment or profiling. This ensures that the database to be maintained is in a sanatised form. Post sanitisation of database it is maintained/updated at Acquists end on behalf of the client.

Any specific query required by client wrt this database, where update is needed as per real time, is also run and offered under this solution.

New data is constantly given by the client (through their sales people etc) which is constantly validated and entered in to database.

This database can also be categorised on which specific direct marketing engagement programs can be run easily.

Market Analysis & Research

Acquist conducts market analysis and research with the objective of determining a product’s market dynamics and scope.

The market analysis & research practice includes baseline studies, demographic studies, market sizing, trend analysis, consumer behaviour analysis, market segmentation analysis, primary and secondary research, and market surveys and polls.

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Market Intelligence

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Within its market intelligence practice, Acquist offers ongoing and real-time monitoring and intelligence on markets and their stakeholders that have the potential to affect a business or its market.

In addition, Acquist provides competitive intelligence solutions that allow businesses to ethically monitor its competitive environment and competitors’ activities as well as analyze competitors’ performance and specific competitive actions.

Business Research

Acquist’s business research practice encompasses company research, industry research, value chain analysis and research, analysis of economic and regulatory environments, and market analysis.

Acquist also incorporates its other research and knowledge practices in its ,business research solutions as part of its bespoke business research offerings. Our business research coverage spans all industry sectors and geographies with focus on the APAC, EMEA and North American regions

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Loyalty Programmes

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Acquist offers database process creation and management for loyalty programmes.

Loyalty Programs can be run effectively in the backend using efficient database management by Acquist.

The customers/participants of the loyalty programme are categorised depending on the points they have earned and updation done on regular basis.

The back end structure is created, maintained and tracked for the programme.

An online interface for the client can also be created to effectively track customers progress in the loyalty programme.