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Database solutions provided by Acquist can be customized to fit the exact requirement of a variety of industries.

Real Estate

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The biggest challenge that the real estate industry finds is matching demand to the supply that has suddenly cropped up. Our lead generation programs, be they electronic mailer based targeting, site visit lead generations, audience generation for launch events, investment specific database targeting, NRI targeting etc have generated a lot of buzz in the real estate community.

Another area of interest to the developers is the cleaning and segmentation of their database. Over the years a lot of data has been collected by developers in the form of leads but is currently stored in scattered & incomplete form. Acquist works with the developer to clean, complete and segment this database.

We have worked with developers on project basis (second home projects, investment based projects) and are also working with the top IPCs.

Information Technology

All of our product categories are useful for IT/ITeS companies at different life cycles. From helping in identifying the latest catchment for IT companies (targeting SMEs) to managing the back end of loyalty programs for the large IT companies, Acquist does it all.

Digital way of marketing


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A leading telecommunication service provider has used the expertise of our core team members, in executing their own Intellectual properties, which involved identifying & collecting entries from thousands of SMEs, across India and getting them to participate in a contest. The aim of this contest was brand visibility and ultimately lead generation. Our database management service for SMEs across India, can be used by telecommunication companies in furthering the penetration of their enterprise solution business.


Our ever expanding database of HNIs & SMEs is the base on which countless BFSI players run their marketing & lead generation program. We have worked with the top names in the private banking space and are closely working with MNC banks on their micro marketing efforts.

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As a database marketing company Acquist B2B data as well as B2C data, is both used when it comes to marketing for automobile companies. A lot of automobile companies use our consumer data to run a consumer connect initiative. On the B2B side, our data of Admin heads, MNC companies, HR heads, help automobile companies successfully market their vehicles as the preferred car for the senior management of the company, as well as float special offers or deals to employees of sizable companies.


As a leading database providers company Acquist has varied and vast database of various industries as well as information of personnel across profiles and designations, is always in demand by various media houses. Media houses use us for their audience generation for various initiatives, as well as help them in identifying and targeting the right profile of people for various award ceremonies/programs they are running. We are currently running a series of campaigns for the largest media house in the country.

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Small & Mid Sized Enterprises

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As a marketing solutions company Acquist helps SMEs market their product/service in a professional, 360 degree manner. From deciding and designing the digital campaign to direct marketing channels, a consultative approach is used by Acquist to furthering the marketing objectives of the SME client. Acquist also helps in understanding the market for a small company, just starting out, through their market research business. We have undertaken the complete marketing plan for an e-commerce website service and have also begun successfully marketing the services of a Delhi NCR based company to HR heads of top companies across India.


Acquist believes in devising customized marketing and sales initiative for every company which wants to achieve higher growth in an effective ROI based manner. Do get in touch with us for our experienced team to devise the best possible marketing and sales promotion strategy for you!

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